Common Missteps You Want to Avoid When Strip Clubbing

Sheena Jackson | December 4, 2018 | 0 | Entertainment

Having to experience a different kind of entertainment once in a while and having all of your erotic fantasies come into reality is something every man deserves. Moreover, meeting the piping hot Melbourne strippers can make your night even more exhilarating and fun.

However, while going to a strip club is definitely an exciting ordeal, you also wouldn’t want to make the mistakes listed below.

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Not Buying a Drink or Two

Many people tend to make the mistake of stepping into a club thinking it is a place for free live entertainment. However, you need to remember that all of the people working at clubs rely on the business’s revenue for their living. Thus, do give them credit for the exquisite experience by buying a couple of drinks.

Furthermore, the club is not only a place to see the most beautiful and hot strippers Melbourne has to offer; but a place for having the taste of world-class liquors.

Not Giving Reasonable Tips

If you’re not willing to hand over a few dollars as a tip for the entire night, better not go. A tip is a gesture showing appreciation to bar staffs and dancers. And if you are having one of the best nights in your life, it is only right to pull some cash out of your pocket.

You may give a tip to an excellent bartender for giving you an exquisite drink, one for the waitress for timely service or to the beautiful and hot Melbourne strippers for the splendid lap dance.

Touching Strippers

The hot strippers in Melbourne can certainly leave you spellbound and you just want to caress those captivating bodies. But hold your horses; touching the girls is a big no-no when in the club.

If you are dying to touch a beautiful girl you’ve been eyeing the whole night, the best thing to do is ask. If she says yes, you’re a lucky guy, if the answer is no, then keep your hands to yourself.

Giving Petty Excuses When Turning Down a Lap Dance

If getting a beautiful girl dance on top of your lap is not your thing, you can always politely turn down the offer. Although saying no to a lap dance offer can be extremely awkward and you might feel bad for the girl. However, giving excuses will only make you look lame.

Strippers have encountered a number of turndowns; thus, you’re not the first one so don’t fret too much.

Not Grooming Up Before Walking Into the Club

If you want to have the best night and catch the hot Melbourne strippers’ eyes, don’t go out your door without looking your best. Make sure to dress up, style your hair and put on a great scent. Remember, girls will be girls; being a good-looking lad will be your biggest asset.

End of the Line

Now that you’ve got the idea of the biggest mistakes to avoid when going to the club, it’s about time you decided where to go. If you want to find hot Melbourne strippers, a wide array of top-rated drinks, and exceptional bar amenities. Look no further than Bar Babes.

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